MaxMSP Projects

Five Finger Drum Machine

First project is a five finger drum machine programmed with Cycling74’s MaxMSP a visual programming language. The samples are from Mad Zax’s Sound Packs. You can trigger the samples with a key press or click the “auto” button and then control it with a bpm dial. A key press will disable the sample from auto back to manual so you can take over at any time.

Screen capture of ui for drum machine
Screen capture of internal code for drum machine

Video to Audio

Second project is an audio visualizer, and attempted to sample a video for colors and then play audio samples based on if that color was present in the video. You can adjust the frequency of each beat allowed to play by ether choosing a column of the video or changing the dial next to the sample to slow the fire rate of each sample.

Screen capture of the ui for video to audio
Screen capture of the internal code for video to audio